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In the heart of Qatar’s industrial landscape, Seashore Cables Factory stands tall as a shining example of indigenous manufacturing prowess. A subsidiary of the esteemed Seashore Group Qatar, this multifaceted business conglomerate is deeply committed to the mantra of ‘Made in Qatar.’ Led by visionary business leaders Chairman Saeed Salem Al Mohannadi and Managing Director Mohammed Ali Saithukunj, Seashore Cables is not just a factory; it’s a testament to the nation’s journey toward self-sustainability

Empowering the Nation

Seashore Cables embarked on its journey in 2017 with a mission echoing across the Qatari landscape – “Power the Nation.” This mission is not merely a statement; it is a commitment to manufacturing top-tier cables, driven by technological innovation, continuous improvement, and unwavering adherence to high quality standards. The foundational principle has always been a singular ambition: to be recognized as the best while fostering enduring relationships with valued customers.

Seashore Cables was developed with the understanding that our valued customers consistently seek the highest quality and standard parameters in the products we manufacture. We have always been a brand that envisions delivering the best quality, reasonable prices, environmentally friendly, and durable products.We consistently focus on reducing overall carbon emissions by adopting innovative and sustainable manufacturing
methods and technologies for all our products.

Saeed Salem Al Mohannadi – Chairman
Seashore Cables

Visionary Heights

Looking toward the future, Seashore
Cables aspires to be the preferred cable manufacturer in Qatar and the Middle East.
Their product range, spanning Building Wires, Panel Wires, LSZH Cables, Low Voltage Power Cables, Instrumentation & Data Cable, Multicore Flexible Cable, Speaker Cable, adheres to national and international specifications such as BS, IEC, ASTM, DIN, among others. Branded as Seashore Cables, the emphasis lies on delivering products synonymous with quality, environmental responsibility, durability, and competitive pricing.

Sustainability in Every Strand

Seashore Cables not only envisions quality
but also places a strong emphasis on
sustainability. The brand actively works to
reduce carbon emissions through innovative
and eco-friendly manufacturing methods
and technologies.

This commitment to environmental responsibility is woven into the very fabric of their products.

Safety First: Quality Assurance

Quality is the cornerstone at Seashore Cables, maintained through an effective Integrated Management System. Stringent quality control measures are implemented at every stage – from procurement to final testing. The factory boasts certifications that attest to its competence, and regular sample tests, both internal and external, ensure that every cable leaving their warehouse is made to be safe and built to last.

Exceeding Standards: Quality Policy

The Quality Department at Seashore Cables is dedicated to presenting products characterized by speed, precision, accuracy, and reliability. Raw materials undergo meticulous inspection from internationally approved suppliers, and a stringent inprocess inspection ensures compliance with specified requirements. The commitment to quality doesn’t end with production; finished products undergo exhaustive testing before reaching customers. In short, Seashore Cables is not just a factory; it’s a symbol of Qatar’s determination to be self-reliant. With a commitment to quality, sustainability, and safety, Seashore Cables is powering not just the nation’s electrical needs but also the vision of a self-sufficient Qatar.

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